Harris Tweed is about quality, style, history and heritage. It is the only fabric in the world to be protected by its own act of parliament. Each inch of cloth has to go through a specific process to be classed as Harris Tweed.

“Hand-woven by the islanders at their home’s in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.” The Harris Tweed Act 1993.

 The Orb authenticity stamp ensures the fabric’s quality and that it follows the rules of the Harris Tweed Act.

We look at what it means to be a weaver of Harris Tweed……

Using only the power of ones energy a weaver uses their feet to operate the pedals that work the loom and their hands to make sure the cloth is woven with perfection.

Armed with many a cup of tea…or perhaps a wee nip of whisky, the weavers can produce up to 3 metres an hour, making sure each intricate length of cloth is faultless.

Each weaving shed is a reflection of the individual weaver’s personality. From the outside, one may hear a radio purring in the background and the soft clatters of the loom in operation. On the inside a blast of hot air hits you from the warmth of the weavers shed, old pictures on the wall and multi-coloured wool piled up covering the width and height of the interior walls.

You really get a sense of identity and pride from every weavers shed which makes you feel like you are part of something truly special.

So, next time you put on your Harris Tweed jacket or sit in your Harris Tweed chair, spare a thought to the weavers up in their sheds pedalling away in the Outer Hebrides.  They have provided us with a real sense of heritage and pride, not to mention timeless beauty, style, quality and something uniquely Scottish.