At Blackhouse we take the quality of our products and service extremely seriously.

The quality of the cloth is a given. It has been made by the same methods and in the same place for Centuries and has to pass rigorous quality checks prior to it being officially stamped as Harris Tweed. The makers of the cloth care, deeply, about their craft and the high consistent quality of what they do. It is what makes Harris Tweed special and has maintained it’s name as a luxury product for so long.

Harris Tweed is natural material which is woven and dyed using traditional techniques. We can not guarantee colour or pattern matches between woven bails. 

Once we receive the cloth from the weavers, it is then sent to a finishing Mill in the Borders of Scotland (the last surviving one in the Country). Here the fabric is pressed to give the smoothness necessary for furniture as well as being treated to make it Fire Resistant and Stain Repellent. These processes enhance the durability and tactile nature of the cloth , whilst also perfectly preparing it for the rigours of 21st Century furniture use.

The treated Harris Tweed is then issued to our selected highly skilled manufacturers. We work with only a few trusted manufacturers who produce furniture to our exacting specification. Once finished, all pieces are thoroughly checked and packaged ready for dispatch.

The Blackhouse experience is not limited to the supply of our exceptional furniture. Customer service is at the core of our business. We recognise how difficult it can be to purchase furniture online and so we will always be available by phone or email to answer questions or help with any queries that you might have. Sample swatches are available free of charge and customers will always be updated weekly on the delivery status of any given order.

In short, we care about what we supply and how we supply it. Anything less would be betraying the skilled men and women of Harris who produce the perfect cloth and allow us to use their name on our products.

Our Blackhouse 10 point Quality Promise to the Customer:

  1. All fabric used will be genuine Harris Tweed and has been authenticated by the Harris Tweed Authority
    2. All furniture items will wear the Harris Tweed Orb as your assurance of the fabric quality.
    3. All fabric will be pressed and treated to the highest standard to maximise stain repellence and durability.
    4. All of the chosen skilled manufacturers of the Blackhouse furniture are also to work by the Blackhouse 10 point plan – where they recognise the importance and exacting nature of the product that is required.
    5. All furniture items will be made using sustainable hardwood where possible and practical to ensure long lasting quality.
    6. All furniture is inspected and signed off by a senior Blackhouse member of staff prior to despatch to the customer.
    7. All furniture will be shipped using trusted and reputable shipping companies.
    8. All emails and enquiries to Blackhouse will be replied to within 1 working day of these being received.
    9. In the unlikley event of a complaint regarding quality or delivery, Blackhouse will never be evasive, but will work with the customer to ensure that a satisfactory conclusion is reached.
    10. All items offered will consistently meet the high expectations set by Blackhouse’s customer.

To see our Luxury Harris Tweed living range visit Mozolowski & Murray’s Edinburgh Design Centre,
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