Our luxury furniture not only adds exclusivity to your home and enhances your lifestyle but it makes you feel part of something truly special.

From the weavers and mill workers, handcrafting on the shores of the Western Isles, to the heart of your home, this 100% pure wool textile combines the tradition of uniquely characteristic and distinctive patterns, with our adventurous and contemporary design, to create timeless quality, durability and style.

The authenticity, strong sense of heritage and genuine respect for the Harris Tweed industry is what inspired Blackhouse to become Scotland’s only handcrafted luxury Harris Tweed furniture company.

When asked about his vision for Blackhouse, Director Graham Blackadder said:

“It’s important to me that Blackhouse means more than just producing a luxury product. Our commitment to supporting an industry that has held onto its deep sense of heritage, unique craft and unrivalled place on the world stage is what drives us to produce the highest quality Harris Tweed bespoke furniture, cleverly designed for modern luxury living.

“We want to do the industry proud by offering our clients everything Harris Tweed already represents such as genuine quality, true craftsmanship, unique character and a timeless sense of luxurious style, handcrafted and produced here in Scotland.”

Offering an authentic alternative to mass produced tweed designs, Blackhouse uses over 17 genuine medium weight Harris Tweeds, giving its furniture a soft yet uniquely robust superior quality finish, as well as an unprecedented range of patterns and colours to choose from. Using carefully selected, sustainably sourced and handcrafted hard wood timber frames, each finished piece not only looks beautifully made but is built to last a lifetime.

Graham added:

“There is no doubt that the desire for Harris Tweed to be part of everyday living is growing, but at Blackhouse, we don’t simply apply a one tweed fits all approach to our furniture.

“We take immense pride and satisfaction in working with the true craftsmen and women of this outstanding cloth, who weave and pedal day in and day out in their Hebridean crofts, our own craftsman who harnesses decades of experience of working with the finest wood and our inspirational design team whose passion and creative flare comes through in every single piece of Blackhouse furniture.  That is why at Blackhouse we believe that it’s not just what we sell that makes us special, it’s who we are.”

To see our Luxury Harris Tweed living range visit Mozolowski & Murray’s Edinburgh Design Centre, 57 Comiston Road, Morningside, EH10 6AG. Open 7 days.

Shop online at WWW.BLACKHOUSE.CO.UK I +44 (0) 1577 89 80 10